5 Best Tawahs for Roti and Chapati

You might find it much easier to make your homemade Indian breads using a traditional Tawah

Hawkins Futura Q41
 Hawkins Futura Q41
Lodge 17L90G3
Lodge 17L90G3
Hawkins Futura IQ45
Hawkins Futura IQ45

How we Decided on the Best Tawa for Rotis?

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traditional tawah on a fire in India
This is how rotis are traditionally made in India

Finding new and delicious meals is always a priority for many of us. We want to find new recipes and new ways of cooking healthy and decadent foods.

Trying to cook new foods, like those from other cultures, can be a bit challenging because of the techniques, tools, and ingredients used. Indian food is delicious but to make your own you need to make sure you have the right equipment.

The following is a buyer’s guide and reviews five of the top-rated tawas. This should help you decide on the right one for your kitchen.

 Hawkins Futura Q41
Our Rating:

This tawah is ideal for cooking a variety of different foods. It comes in both an 11 or 13-inch diameter to meet your needs. If you want to have extra room around the edges while cooking you can opt to get the larger version.

If you like to have a smaller one to fit on your stove you may want to choose the 11-inch type. It features a non-stick coating on aluminium. This aluminium material is extra thick for even heating around the entire surface.

It features a plastic handle so that you can grip it well and not burn yourself while cooking. This cookware is ideal for cooking dosa because it gives you an even cook, using only a little or not butter and oil.


  • Nonstick griddle
  • Extra thick material for even heating
  • Plastic Handle


  • Made of Aluminium
Lodge 17L90G3
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This one is made from quality materials and is 10.5 inches in diameter. It features a smooth surface with a small edge to keep all foods inside at all times.

This small edge ensures that the paratha or other things you want to cook, does not fall off the surface. This heavy-duty material is non-stick and is guaranteed to last a long time.

Seasoned with vegetable oil, this will give your food a delicious taste without harmful chemicals. It is made in the United States, by a family-owned business. So now you know that you are getting high-quality materials for you and your family.


  • Made of high quality heavy duty materials
  • Small edge on the surface
  • Seasoned surface


  • Only one size option available
Hawkins Futura IQ45
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This tawah is 10 inches in diameter but is also available in an 8.5-inch variety. It features a small edge to keep all foods and ingredients inside of the surface at all times.
This base works great for all types of stoves and helps to give you an even cook every time. It features a stainless steel handle as well as a nonstick coating. The hard anodised surface helps to ensure the item lasts longer.


  • Stainless steel handle
  • Nonstick coating
  • Induction compatible base


  • Small cooking surface
vinod tawa
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This is made of hard-anodized material that ensures the cookware will last. It features a non-stick coating that is non-toxic and non-reactive with food.
It helps you prepare delicious foods without adding extra butter and oil to the cookware. It is completely flat to help you achieve a traditional-looking tawah.
The surface of this cookware heats evenly and helps you prepare professionally cooked food. It features a long handle that helps to reduce the chances of you burning your hands.


  • Handle
  • Non-Stick surface that is non-toxic
  • Made of heavy duty material


  • No edges
Futura L50
Our Rating:

Made of hard-anodized material, this product features a steel handle. This griddle is thick to ensure stability and quality while cooking.

The thick material ensures that the material heats evenly so foods can be cooked evenly. It features a slight concave design in which the tawah has a gentle slope down.

This helps ensure that all ingredients stay in the pan while you cook. It is a very affordable option and is great for people who want to cook new things each day.


  • Made of thick material
  • Affordable
  • Steel Handle


  • Concave design
lots of rotis on a big pan
Lots and lots of rotis... Yum!

How We Decided On Our Winner

There are many tawas on the market and each one features a unique design. Some of these products may depend on personal preference. Yet, if you are looking for a traditional style that has a variety of uses, the best one that you can buy is the Lodge 17L90G3.

This winning product features a non-stick material with seasoned cookware. It can infuse a great taste into your dishes and provide you with the optimal cooking experience.

The thick material of this tawa also ensures that your food will cook evenly every time. It is ideal for making authentic dishes that you have never made before.

The small edge on the surface also ensures your product will serve a variety of uses. It can be used to cook many different foods that are great for you and your family.

FAQ and Buying Guide

What Is A Tawah?

It is an essential cooking tool in many different cultures. It can be used to make all different types of traditional Indian food, including roti and chapati.

These are flatbreads made from whole grain wheat flour and they are a staple in many dishes. This tool is essential to make flatbreads because they have a smooth surface, ideal for cooking dough.

They are usually between eight and twelve inches in diameter and are always round. Some are made from aluminium. Yet the traditional and most used ones are made of other metal material.

Benefits of Using A Tawa

This tool helps you make traditional cultural dishes. It allows you to cook the dough to achieve a crispy crust that is not sticky. It also gives all the food a unique and traditional flavor that is only achieved with the cast iron version.

This cookware item is nonstick and is also chemical-free so you can cook safely for you and your family. This cookware is also very easy to clean and will last longer than other types of cookware made of different materials.

What To Look For When Buying One?

There are many things to look for when buying a traditional cooking tool. If you are looking to make authentic dishes you should try to find one that is as close to what natives would use.

For example, you may want to use a cast iron griddle since that is what natives use most in their kitchens. The material that your cookware is made of can make a huge difference in taste and quality.

Another factor that you must look for is a nonstick surface. A non-stick surface helps ensure that you can cook the food as the natives would.

You can avoid using extra butter and oil to cook, which will help you stick to the recipe. Not having to add these extra ingredients helps you achieve professionally cooked food every time.

Another thing that you should look for is a cookware item that fits great in your hand. You want to be comfortable while you cook and using a comfortable handle is a way to be comfortable.

Price may also be a factor so if you are looking for a high-quality brand, you can always try to find one on sale.

The last thing that you should look for in a cookware item is the size. The size will likely be a personal preference so you can choose one that fits your and your family’s needs.