5 Best Chef’s Shoes For The Kitchen

Standing up all night doing the cooking for customers can get tiring. We pick the 5 top rated shoes that our chefs use in the kitchen to maximise comfort.

Skechers Service Shoe
Cessnock Service Shoe
Unisex Bistro Clogs
Unisex Bistro Clogs
Slip Resistant Sneaker
Slip Resistant Sneaker

How we decided on the top rated kitchen shoes for workwear?

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chefs standing and cooking in a busy kitchen
Look at the thickness of those soles! They should be really comfy.
Chef customised shoes are a vital part of a competent waiter. It is for this reason that this study focuses on the top 5 best shoes for chefs.
These shoes are crucial to minimise the risk with chefs’ exposure to slips, cuts, burns, and work accidents. Before that, here are some tips.

Skechers Cessnock Food Service Shoe

Cessnock Service Shoe
Our Rating:
Cessnock Food Service Shoe for men is well known to be comfortable, elastic, and lightweight and relax fit. This is a chef shoe type that has a breathable mesh helping the feet maintain its dryness.
These shoes are recommended to people that are in slippery places.


  • On the other hand, durability, flexibility, and its lightweight is a few of its positive side that markets the shoe quite well.
  • Additionally, for slippery grounds such as the kitchen and restaurant job environment, Cessnock Food Service Shoe performs exceptionally well in maintaining their unique style, also their light and color remains the same after wash.


  • However, it is easy to slip off if the size is not fit, and if it is a fit size is entirely impossible to be personalized.
  • They come in larger sizes it is important to order one size below your usual size.
  • Pre designed layout options

Unisex Bistro Clogs

Unisex Bistro Clogs
Our Rating:
Crocs have a synthetic sole and are 100% croslite. They are resistant to water and light in weight. This type of crocs is efficient in the kitchen and the hospitals.
Yet, there is never a fitting size when it comes to this brand, so you have to buy one size down.


  • Crocs Unisex Bistro Clogs has several pros. The first one is easy to clean
  • Eases feet exhaustion last but not least it's a non-slip type of shoe.
  • Qualifies as the best chef shoe because it is dead set against to water.
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Come in different colors
  • Can be customized
  • Very comfortable
  • Light in weight


  • Simple drag and drop editor
  • Step by step guidance
  • Pre designed layout options

Slip Resistant Food Service Work Sneaker

Slip Resistant Sneaker
Our Rating:

This is a flexible, stylish shoe that can multitask both at home and at the job place. It is designed with a broader heel at the bottom that helps you when you need it the most.


  • They are pretty comfortable
  • They come with several non-slip threads that are way better compared to other brands.
  • Stylish exterior design
  • Easy to clean the front are around are some positive side of the Resilient Food Service Sneaker shoe.
  • Have the right size for different people
  • Come in different colors


  • On the negative side, they get dirty very fast, especially on their bottom side, because they pick any dirt and very hard to come off.
  • Can be worn on very rare occasions
  • Cannot be customised
  • Does not maintain its color and its light after several cleaning days.
  • Takes time to clean and dry

Nampa Food Service Shoe

Nampa Food Service Shoe
Our Rating:

This type of shoe has caught the attention of many people because of its anti-slip features. It is synthetic, and it has a comfy rubber sole.


  • They are designed to suit people in different fields, for example, waiters and those in the factory.
  • These shoes are very light.
  • The exterior design is very appealing.
  • Flexible and convenient
  • Affordable


  • Nevertheless, it has a memory foam that is not of good quality, obstructing the feet from getting enough fresh air, and this is its main con.
  • Makes the feet sweat more
  • Hardtop clean and maintain
  • It is not impervious to water and stain
  • slippery
  • Cannot be customised
  • Come in large sizes

Mcallen Food Service Shoe

Mcallen Food Service Shoe
Our Rating:

This is a type of shoe that has a synthetic imported sole that has an elastic gore at the opening.


  • Mcallen Food Service shoe favors waiters mostly because it has a water and stain proof characteristic.
  • On the brighter side, it is affordable
  • Non-slippery,
  • Easy on easy off kind of shoe.
  • Extremely affordable
  • Dries at a very fast rate
  • Comes in different color
  • Available for all ages , the children, teenagers and adults


  • However, the undesirable side of this shoe is it lacks enough air spacing
  • After a few months of continuously wearing them, they start to have a strong bad smell.
  • Poor feet ventilation
  • Not 100% ideal
  • Extremely hard to take off any stain if it stays on for a long period of time
chef standing up next to a hob
Do you think he'd get tired after being on his feet for 8 hours?

How We Decided On Our Winner

By now, you must have realised that the best chef shoe is the Nampa Food Service Shoe. The reason that makes this footwear stand out over the others in this review is its unique flexible soles that are for all job environments.
A shoe that fits professional environments is the dream-come-true for all professional chefs. The review has identified the specific tips that you need to consider before purchasing your most preferred chef shoe.
Where to buy the best shoes for professional chefs around you and how best to maximise your productivity.

FAQ and Buying Guide

How To Select The Best Shoes for Chefs
The first step in choosing the perfect pair of shoes for chefs is bending or twisting one of the shoes into half. The idea is to find out the stability of its lateral support. If it turns easy, then that is not the shoe you want.
As you twist it, go for those that barely flinch. Most of the cooking done is indoors, which means that that the final tip to consider here is the probation. For both outdoor and indoor cooking, always consider the comfort and health of your feet.
Factors To Consider When Choosing Different Chef Shoes
Never forget to go for a sensible investment option. Think about settling for the most convenient shoes based on your gait. Additionally, check to learn if the insoles can be removed.
While you are at it, be sure to buy something presentable. Keep in mind that you can cut orthopedic complications by going for anti-slip shoes. You can add a theme, culture, and safety by ensuring that the dishwasher and fridge are not faulty.
In this case, a defective dishwasher could leak, make the flow slippery. Which, in turn, increases your risk of developing orthopedic complexities.
Benefits of Choosing the Best Chef Shoes
Shoes for chefs that are on edge increase your general scale of productivity. Chefs who have uneasy outfits are known to be clumsy, thus minimised production rates. When the shoes are better, the stakeholders are happier because motivation is high.
Note that not all shoes meant for chefs can have removable insoles. Yet this feature is one of the most influential tips for you to consider. Professional chefs usually find themselves in the company of threatening employment conditions. Which includes and not limited to sharp culinary objects, heating equipment, and freezing machines.
This means choosing the perfect shoes for chefs with removable insole feature, increases your slip resistance. You see, the removable insole or arch support creates room for your feet to move freely in your shoe because of the extra support.
Furthermore, these shoes reduce joint pain on the lower abdomen because of the ability to absorb the weight impact during walking. Showing up to work with poor fitting shoes can render the body out of alignment. Which, in turn, predisposes your stability to potential risks.
Good shoes also protect you against unnecessary foot infections. In general, your health is at a better place if you simply decide to wear the right shoes for professional chefs.
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• Is there a specific galley floor design that can minimise risks such as slips and stumble?
• What is the best arch support? There are endless questions that you might have, depending on the nature of your scullery. The good news is that you may never get to answer them unless you give the shoes a try.