Indian Cooking Classes

Indian cookery classes in the Greater Manchester area

learn to cook indian food with our trained chefsWhether you’re looking for an Indian cookery course in Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton or anywhere in the North West, our classes are up there when it comes to authenticity.

Learn to cook to from our range of chefs that have mastered Indian cuisine to an art form.

Learn how to cook Indian food

2nd chefChefs Harun, Shali and Shabir have been in the trade for more than 20 years.

They will demonstrate the principles of cooking great Indian and Bangladeshi food, and then will finish off with the joy of sitting down to a satisfying meal.

You will also get:

  • The full recipes of what is made on the day
  • Some pictures from the day
  • A video shoot of the head chef so you can practice again at home

Perfect for groups and as a gift to friends and family.

Cookery classes are normally held on the first Thursday of every month. However, we are looking to cater to the needs of attendees, so it is a good idea to fill in the form below, specifying your availability.

Payment is £29 per person or £50 per couple. Numbers are limited and full payment is required at time of booking.

Please email us or submit your details in the form below.

When is the next cooking class?

Our next Indian cooking course is scheduled to begin in Autumn 2019. The plan is to have a four to six part series so attendees can get a full understanding of how to cook Indian food – whether that is curries, pastries, desserts and so on.

We will still be running singular events, but the demand means that we intend on offering a four to six-part cooking series.

Please register your details below with any queries or requests and we’ll get back in touch when we have a clearer idea of the Indian cooking classes.

Register for a class

Please submit your details below with details of which type of class you’d like to attend and any other requests.

Where is the class held?

We are very centrally located, about 2 minutes walk from both the trains stations in Wigan. Please view the map below.