5 Best Spice Racks with Spices Included

Stacking your spices in an ordered way will help to save time, reduces excess waste and manage any out of control mess! We pick our 5 favourite racks.

Kamenstein SpiceRack
 Kamenstein SpiceRack Tower
Kamenstein Heritage
 Kamenstein SpiceRack Tower
Sorbus 4 Tier
Sorbus 4 Tier Organizer

How we decided on the best Spice Racks?

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array of Indian spices in plastic pots
Yes, the spices are lovely, but an upgrade of containers is needed
Last week I tried a Morrocan fish stew recipe that was out of this world. And as you might expect, it had plenty of spices and herbs.
The lesson learned here? When it comes to complicated recipes, you’ve got other things to do other than hunt through several drawers to find the right seasoning. You need a spice rack.
We examined dozens, and here are 5 of the best. But first, some value specifics about spice racks.

Kamenstein SpiceRack Tower

Kamenstein SpiceRack Tower
Our Rating:
Featuring stainless steel, a revolving container that is sleek and modern looking, Kamenstein 30020 has everything we like in a spice rack.
First, you get five-year’s worth of seasonings served in organic, sealed packages.
Secondly, all the seasonings are labeled at the top of each jar with inscriptions that are easy to read. There are no mistakes made when reaching for a seasoning.
Thirdly, this spice rack rotates, with 5 containers on each of the four sides of the spice rack. Rotate or twist and select.
Also, each container features sifter tops for light seasoning. Or you can remove the top and pour it into a tablespoon or teaspoon.


  • Extremely chic as well as space-saving.
  • For the price you get unlimited spice-refills for 5-years
  • Very affordable
  • Excellent labeling on the top. You'll never make a cooking mistake


  • You have to pay shipping on the refill-spices
  • You are locked into the seasonings provided. No optional choices.

Kammenstein 16-Jar Heritage Countertop

16-Jar Countertop Organizer
Our Rating:
This is a square 16 seasoning spice rack by the same company that produces the 3200. It also offers the same basic convenience of 5-years of free refills.
Again the labeling is excellent, with white on black in decent size lettering atop the spice rack. Just spin and choose.
it’s just us, be we don’t fancy the aesthetics of this spice rack, when for a few dollars more you can get the sleek looking 3200 and with more spice choices.
Still, for a basic cook, this 5″ by 5″ stand is ideal for many households.


  • Excellent, easy to read labeling - no cooking mistakes here
  • Unlimited refills for 5-years on the spice-refills


  • You must pay shipping for the refills
  • No choice as to which seasonings are provided and labeled

Sorbus 4 Tier Organizer

Sorbus 4 Tier Organizer
Our Rating:
Sorbus emphasizes the convenience of having up to 36 separate seasonings in one place. And whether you want to hang this wire and chicken coop themed controller on the wall or behind your pantry, does work.
That said, there are quite a few things this controller does not solve. First, it comes with the controller alone, with no repository bins. So you could wind up with 8 different sized seasoning bins
Next, there are zero labelings. You have to rely on the labeling on the seasoning you put into the stand. So it’s easy to make a mistake and pour the wrong seasoning into your recipe.
The only way to solve this problem is to buy your own bins, transfer the ingredients into them. Then label them yourself.


  • Generous 4-level rack, will hold up to 36 seasonings
  • Ok for people who like the rustic look


  • You need to supply your own bottles
  • No labeling provided

Talented Kitchen Glass Jars

Talented Kitchen glass jars
Our Rating:
The Talented Kitchen spice rack is all we could ask for in a priced spice rack. It provides 24 solid glass jars to put all your seasonings in and printed labels galore so everything is neatly stored and labelled.
Not only that but it’s aesthetically pleasing.


  • Comes with 24 bottles and 113 labels
  • 4 individual spiceracks so you can use almost anywhere


  • Spice-bottles will not magically fill themselves. Seriously, this is a good buy in a spicerack.

Gneiss Magnetic Filled Jars

Gneiss Magnetic Filled Jars
Our Rating:
Designed as an artistic controller to magnetically attach to your refrigerator, you get 24 small bottles of spices and herbs.
This is a cute, idea, and we love the four-sided shapes. Yet, this is only for people with a good memory as there is waterproof labeling which makes it easy to make a mistake.


  • Great for the artistic type who doesn't mind keeping their seasonings atop the fridge. These are decorative and cute.
  • Comes with a large variety of seasonings


  • Cute but not everybody wants to store their seasonings on the fridge
Indian spice jars in a restaurant

How We Decided On Our Winner

Spice racks are essential if you don’t want to have an unorganized kitchen. And with recipes often calling for 4 or more ingredients, they are timesaving.
Part of the problem is ensuring they fit into the decor of your kitchen, which is why we so like the Kamenstein 30020, It will go with any kitchen.
We do feel that large labeling or double labeling is the preferred method. This is so that you don’t make a mistake and we prefer that over the convenience of getting free refills on seasonings we may not use.
collection of jars full of herbs on a worktop

FAQ and Buying Guide

Have you ever dumped allspice into your recipe, only to realize that what you poured into your recipe is pungent mustard?
We’ve all been there and no doubt it happened because a jar of flavorings or spices all looks the same.
That’s why we prefer double labeling. The label for each ingredient should be labeled on top of the container as well as the front. That way, there is less likely to be a mistake.
In fact, besides organising your seasonings, double labelling is the most important in a spice rack.
Does it fit in tune with your kitchen?
Being able to access all your seasonings and herbs quickly is important. But do you really want a $50 rack to dominate the decor of your $5,000 dollar kitchen?
Ask yourself, will it be free-standing, wall-mounted, or will it be behind a cupboard or cabinet? Will, it sit on a kitchen island, or will it be a spinning type hidden behind your cabinetry?
Is being compact an essential part of buying your seasoning racks?
Professional or amateur? What is your cooking style and how much capacity do your need
Do you aspire to mimic the pro chefs, who may use every seasoning in the book? Do you live and die by the food channel? Then at a minimum, you may need 30 or more storage bins.
If so, you only cook once in a while, a simple stand holding 10 bins which sits on your counter may be all you will ever need.
Also, a simple controller, either inside or outside your cabinets may be enough.
Does price matter?
Yes and no. You won’t find a walnut or cherrywood wooden cabinet at your local Dollar Store. If you want top-quality, generally you’ll need to pay more.
But, if all you need is a simple metal repository compartment to hold 10 seasonings, why spend hundreds of dollars. Buy a metal or plastic spice-box, and park it into the most convenient cupboard.