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Sweet Treats – Add Ben & Jerry’s and Haribos to your order!

We’re trying out a couple of new items to our new sweets and desserts menu. So far, we’ve added Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream and Haribos Starmix for all of sweet toothed customers!

We’re going to add a few more items to the sweets menu, but so far, it’s working out reasonably well. We were a bit anxious to out Haribos on the menu, but it’s a nice filler, especially when customers have to meet the minimum £12 to qualify for free delivery.

I think we’re the only Indian takeaway service in Wigan offering these types of items, but no doubt, this will change when the word gets out.

How much will the new items cost?

The Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream is priced at £5.95 for a 500ml tub, while the Haribos Starmix is priced at £1.50 for a 140g bag.

Further sweet additions to the menu

ben and jerrys ice cream cookie doughIf things continue to work out well, then we will probably more varieties of these popular sweet products.

We’ll also be adding some regular restaurant favourites to the takeaway menu including the Orange Sorbet.

We will probably limit the number of cold food items to the takeaway and delivery service until early 2018.

Why have we now started cold items on the takeaway menu?

The problem has always been packaging and ensuring the whole thing doesn’t melt upon arrival(!) but we think some new takeaway delivery bags we have from KiwiPack should help us.

The bags offer good insulation and multiple compartments. This means that our staff and delivery drivers can keep the entire order within one bag.

In the past, we sometimes forgot important drinks or extras as the items were kept in a separate bag to the main delivery order.

With these bags from KiwiPack, we can fulfil an entire delivery order with hot and cold items in one multi compartment bag.

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